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The Tutti Box is the first in a series of CCCL scratch-built, self contained, experimental sound generators.

I built this unit specifically for Cosey Fanni Tutti (hence the name) to perform with at the upcoming Throbbing Gristle shows (details at

Tutti Box consists of five oscillators. Three of these VCOs are connected in a feedback loop with the output of each affecting the frequency of the next, with a master oscillator modulating the first VCO in the chain. The master oscillator can also be modulated by an 8 step sequencer. The step sequencer cannot be programmed but has various preset patterns - forward, reverse, follow, random etc. The sequencer has a speed control; from zero (no steps) to audio range (in effect it becomes as a sixth oscillator).
The fifth VCO is connected to the joystick controller, with the X and Y axis varying the frequency and volume. The joystick oscillator can also modulated by a small touch sensitive steel coil next to the joystick.

The oscillator bank feeds into two circuit-bent effects units. The first is a multi effect with switchable and variable delay, chorus, phaser, flanger and pitch. This feeds into a digital reverb which has various modes: halls, rooms, springs. The effects chain has a separate feedback loop for introducing distortion and extreme feedback.

The lid of the Tutti Box includes a small but powerful ‘performer facing’ amp & speaker and an ‘audience facing’ 6” plasma display. The display uses a mixture of Neon, Argon, Krypton, Xenon and Nitrogen to produce blue lightning strands triggered by the sounds generated.

Tutti Box is powered by standard 9v power supply and includes a standard jack socket for connecting to a PA system.

You can see a video of it in action here:

Tutti Box open (by Chris_Carter)

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    The Tutti Box is the first in a series of CCCL scratch-built, self contained, experimental sound generators. I built...
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